Tuesday, November 22, 2005

20051121: 10 reasons why yesterday's not so bad:

  1. managed to finish my take home exam in time, and have put more or less my best effort into it, given how much "best effort" I can generate when doing a weeklong exam 6 hrs before the submission deadline.
  2. good food
  3. took my medication according to schedule
  4. downloaded songs legally (& freely!) from Ruckus.com
  5. my Sims 2 characters graduated with 4.0 GPA (now, if only...)
  6. talked to mom
  7. learnt some random stuff online
  8. Big Brother passed to me a good site talking abt depression first hand
  9. weather's nice
  10. got someone willing to listen... too bad I wasn't in the mood to talk at that time.


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