Friday, July 15, 2005

it's a durian summer

long time no update blog.

dang, am so lazy that i'm copy pasting my latest friendster profile here for this entry. hey, i need a place to archive my writings, rite? this is as good as any.

lonih on internship with my big bro li'l company. unbeatable offer dude: free housing, free food, free transportation! but make no mistake, it's not a cikai2 job aaa. first you need to squeeze three or four new programming languages into you brain within the first week until stuff oozes out of your ears. then you have to prop your eyes awake on some midnights doing some field repairs for your clients. then you need to learn to master the ettiquettes of interacting with big shot players (why must my butt get itchy at the wrong times?!?). And wait, i never recall babysitting the boss's kids as part of the job description? not complaining though, coz hey, its all fun stuff, even if it's killing me. i think by now i can open up my own taska dah kot, hur hur hur.


Anonymous nfs said...

jealous nyeerrrr.. errgghhh

have fun there

3:54 AM, July 22, 2005  

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