Sunday, November 26, 2006

touchy-touchy game idea: handcuffed duel

I had this inspiration after watching Michael Jackson's "Beat It" videoclip, where two guys tie one of their hands to the other person's, with the other hand holding a knife and try to score on each other. what i have in mind is something less violent, of course: instead of dueling with knives, use a marker pen and attempt to score a mark on the opponent's shirt.

e.g. lets have each player wearing a white shirt with a 3x3 box drawn in front of it. The first player to manage to complete to mark all 9 squares wins the duel. This tests one's dexterity in trying to home in one's attacks while at the same time nimbly avoiding the opponent's attempts. And since the players are tied to each other, they can't simply run away, thus the battle will always be constantly up-close & personal.

this should make a fun game to play & watch at parties, among yer close friends, among intimate spouses, *ehem*!

For better flexibility & range of movement, it's better to use handcuffs rather than tightly tying the hands together... allowing the player to whirl around the bondage without risking breaking each other's wrist in the process.

to discourage skill-less wild slashing attacks, each mark that hits outside of the 3x3 box is counted as penalty... e.g. in extended plays , winner's score for each round is 10 pts, minus 1 for each missed marks... thus a consolation prize of 1 pt in the worst case if you are a very sloppy winner.

hmm... to play this game would need lots of sacrificial white shirts in preparation, and lots of laundrying afterwards... hmm... further game-rules tightening is in order. of course the marker shouldn't be permanent... d'oh. use washable magic pen or something.

alternative marking methods to be considered:
- hairclips
- stickers
- velcro

to be further refined...


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