Sunday, January 29, 2006

Just click it!

It couldn't get any easier than this: by clicking this link, TNT pledges to donate 19 cents to World Food Program. That's it. No pulling money out of your pocket. Just some microjoules of energy for moving yer finger to click on the mouse button.

19 cents may not sound like much, but it is certainly enough for ONE SCHOOL MEAL for a poor kid in a poor country somewhere (yeah, I admit my ignorance of the fine details).

In case if you don't believe me, and think that this is some stinky scam, go to the WFP site yourself and find out. I congratulate you on your healthy skeptimism though. Too many gullible chumps around nowadays (Yours Truly is sometimes an unwitting subject).

This is sooooo much better than the "oooh, plz plz forward this email to all yer friends, and Bill Gates will donate $xxx to one kid with cancer" shebang.


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