Monday, August 16, 2004

LITEC TAing again...

I just accepted an extension offer of my tenure as Teaching Assistant for Embedded Control (a.k.a. LITEC)...

this is gonna be a tougher term...

for one, I'm taking a heavy load of classes... Chem I is notorious for its uber mammoth class works, and to make it worse, they say that Fall term's Chem I is of more evil stock than Spring's. There's Electric Circuits, also a stinky one, and I suck at electronic circuits. Models of Computation i ain't know nothin abt. Lastly there's Media Imaging, which at least I heard is a fun class where we can let loose our creative streak into digital art, and it also teaches us some basic web designing, which is something I had always wanted to learn but never really got down to it coz of this freakin freakin procrastinator's streak in me. yeah yeah, i know, i used "streak" twice in short span of writing, which is bad for essays, but i couldn't care less.

personal class load aside, this LITEC course I'm TAing is much different now. Last semester, we used the aging Motorola HC11 control board, which has been in the market since late 1980s, and one which I used when I took the class myself, so I was quite familiar with it. But now they are using a spanking brand new board, Cygnal from Intel (if i'm not mistaken), which is so advanced that I am so clueless abt pretty much anything other than how to spell its name.

In other words, us old school TAs are just as n00b abt this board as the students who shall be taking this class, and that ain't bode well... at least there's one week-long crash course training for us TAs though. I hope that shall save us from most embarrassments.

and if that's not enuff to spice things up, how about this next revelation: instead of designing smart cars like we used to do, now we shall design SMART BLIMP... ya know, the cigar shaped flying thingy, looks like zeppelin... big bag of gas with fans and gizmo stuck on its belly... now instead of just worrying abt turning left and right, speeding up and slowing down, we gotta worry abt lift and sink as well... ooooh sweet Isa ibnu Maryam.

Lord, do give me strength...


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