Tuesday, August 10, 2004


salaam & greetings to all,

The long-sought outlet for my mental escapades, here at last. Where I shall divulge my fancies to the most trivial details. To spew out the all nitpickings on society and how the world goes round. Toy around with layers upon layers of metaphysical thoughts. Wonders of nature's supreme coherency. Meaning of life. What a braindead movie that was. Debating with myself on religious beliefs. Crafting up the definition of a perfect human. The Most Basic Question of All Questions. How holographic sketching shall work. How far can I go in being a cheapskate miser. Why Kino no Tabi smacks dab to my taste. narcissism galore.

This is about me, how I see the world, and its inhabitants that I care about. May among all these rants, you shall find what you seek and more. Enlightment, i hope, or at the very least, mild amusement.


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